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Communication is the key to success.

Unlock the door to greatness with the power of interpersonal skills.


The CarterConnection Vision

In a society where there is a focus on electronic communication, leaders should be asking  ‘Are we interacting effectively when we are face to face with our employees, clients, and customers?’ 

The Individual and group coaching sessions we provide focus on identifying and achieving professional and personal goals and overcoming challenges by improving your interpersonal skills.  We will work with you on uncovering, setting, achieving and exceeding your goals.

As your Leadership Management Consultant, we offer customized coaching to your organization by uncovering barriers to interpersonal communication within your company, during which I will show you that one of your greatest assets are your employees. 

We can help you increase profit and productivity by engaging your staff and developing their communication skills.  Our program will engage you and your staff to become everything you can be.

Meet our amazing team.

Elevating leaders and teams to reach their full potential through personalized development programs and coaching. Get ready to shine!

Marcia Carter

Communication Development Consultant, CEO

As a Certified Coach DISC Behavior Analyst (CDBA) I specialize in improving interpersonal communication.

Aaron Butler

Communication Development Consultant, COO

I offer customized coaching to your organization by uncovering barriers to interpersonal communication.

Our areas of focus.


  • Identifying the barriers to effective communication
  • Building interpersonal relationships
  • Powerful and effective communication skills
  • Communication in groups

Personal & Corporate Branding

  • Understanding the importance of personal branding
  • Identifying the small gestures that lead to customer satisfaction and make your organization stand out

Conflict Management

  • Communicating in difficult situations 
  • Develop skills to manage disputes more collaboratively

Marcia is a talented and VERY savvy woman! I have know and worked with her over the years and always found her to be very caring and very sharp!

Geoffrey Oetjen