Meet the Team

Improving communication through empowerment.

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Aaron Butler

  • B.S Management, Leadership, & Consulting
  • 2006-2010 Operations Manager
  • 2010-2022 Regional Manager

Throughout his career, Aaron Butler has always been a leader. His strong communications skills and commitment to understanding people are unparalleled. His ability to connect and persuade allow him to serve his clients successfully. Aaron comes with over 15 years of experience managing people from all backgrounds and his innate ability to relate to employees and motivate them has helped organizations surpass their desired results.

During his time in the private sector, he has crafted and developed a personal brand. The teams he has led and motivated have doubled revenue year over year and produced high results in employee satisfaction. With expertise in Sales, Customer Service, Employee Development, Organizational Leadership, and Diversity and Equity; Aaron knows what it takes to create a positive culture and lead an organization.

As a Management Consultant, Aaron will connect with individuals and develop trust. He specializes in identifying challenging individuals and uncovering what they need to feel fulfilled. His skill sets help him connect with employees of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. His leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills allow him to deliver the clients desired message clearly.

These talents and abilities allow him to develop solutions by overseeing training to help managers and leaders develop proficient skills in all aspects of conflicts, disputes, and resolutions between employees and management.


Marcia Carter

  • 1985-2005 Radiologic Technologist
  • 1989-2005 Clinical Coordinator Program of Radiography
  • 2005-2017 Professional Relations, Business Development
  • 2016-Present CEO, Management Consultant

Marcia Carter’s strong communication and organizational skills, knowledge of behaviors and people, and unparalleled ability to connect and persuade allow her to serve her clients successfully. Her work with organizations focuses on improving relational communications, which leads to staff with better interpersonal skills, higher staff retention rates, increased productivity, and higher customer satisfaction scores.

Marcia comes with over 30 years of healthcare experience and has worked with healthcare systems in the United Kingdom, New York, Delaware, and Florida. With expertise in the clinical setting, education, business development, and healthcare leadership, she knows what it takes to run a successful organization!

As a Management Consultant, Marcia knows how to connect with individuals and develop trust. She specializes in working with individuals on identifying, adjusting, and modifying short and long personal goals. Her sales background, organizational relationship building, and business development help her connect with employees of all ages and diversity.

Her solid leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills allow her to deliver the desired message and develop solutions while overseeing all aspects of training managers to become strong leaders and building better relationships between employees and management.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Marcia speak to a number of business groups and am quite impressed with her knowledge, skill, and ability to engage the different demographics. I have the utmost confidence that can improve communication be it individual or group. She will be an asset for any company she works with.